My first Project as a writer

Maggi In a Soup, Will it be banned in India?

The word ‘Maggi’ is attached with every child and teen’s mind. The ‘two minute noodles’ is India’s first Brand of noodles, manufactured by Nestle, the best brand for food products in India. It is loved by majority of the children as their favorite snack for decades. It seems like an upcoming disaster for College / hostel students, bachelors, students staying away from home because they are dependent mostly on Maggi. It is their life saver as it can be prepared in different styles in minutes, thereby saving them from boring hostel / canteen food. Even moms include Maggi as a part of their menu planner for an evening snack or dinner. The Maggi advertisements are endorsed by popular celebrities like Amitabh Bachan and Madhuri Dixit which has pushed its demand and sales higher when compared to other brands of noodles.

Nestle Maggi came under regularity scanner and they have found high amount of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and Lead. It contains 17parts per million Lead whereas, the permissible limit is only 0.01ppm. This has led the Lucknow Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) in New Delhi to cancel Maggi’s License. Nestle company has denied this excess MSG and is surprised by the excess of Lead in their product. This issue has created a buzz among media including the Social Media. This is definitely a check for Nestle, being India’s top food brand.

Maggi lovers have already started hoarding of stocks as much as possible. Has the time come to change our eating habits to something more nutritious? Does this noodles help us to fulfill our dietary needs? Well, the answer is NO!! Sadly, it not only lacks nutritional benefits but this fast food might also lead to unwanted weight gain called Obesity. Henceforth, we should start changing our dietary plans by including a balanced diet of healthy stuffs like lots of green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, cereals and pulses. If the ban is implemented, then there will be no more ‘Meri Maggi wali story’ to share. The ban will surely be the end of an era!Maggi

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