Chili Paneer with veg Fried-rice.

Chilli Panner and Friedrice

Chilli Paneer and Fried Rice

Steamy hot

Panner has it’s own prestige in India, I am not a vegetarian but I love indulging myself to paneer rolls, Paneer paratha, Paneer Masala and the list goes on.

So, chinese combo of Chili Paneer and Fried rice is very popular in India, specialy Kolkata. We love it as much as our fish, some may dont like but bongs are lover of Chana and also calls paneer as channa, so Channa er torkari (curry) is favourite meal during the veg days in my home, but chili panner contains Ginger and Garlic, Onion so make it other than those days Chili panner is mainly Indo-Chinese cuisine popular in kolkata as Chinese dishes are loved hereh

Recipe will be uploaded soon!

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