Veg Samosa / Singara perfect for Snack

Yesterday I was craving for some snacks so thought about making samosa in a quick way which will be pure veg with no onion and garlic. It tuned out to be tasty and perfect for the tea time snack.


3-4 Potatoes bioled Or diced into cubes.

Maida 2cup

Salt to taste


Kalo jeera / black cumin seeds

Bhaja roasted masala

Coriander leaves

Red chili powder As per taste

Coriander poweder

Cumin powder

Oil for frying

Green chili’s and little Ginger

Peas optional


Turmeric powder

Panch Phoron

Aalo filing: First heat a kadai well, add peanuts, roast in oil, add salt little bit. Keep Aside

Then, Add 1/2teaspoon panchphoron, chillis chopped, and Ginger 1/2 teaspoon. Add the diced potatoes, cook with salt and turmeric powder and salt. Cover it well for 5-10 mins, add cumin powder, and red chili powder, keep the flame low, add matar, add roasted masala of Cumin and red chillies. Mix well, add peanuts, coriander leaves. Now the filling is ready.

Make a dough by adding Maida, water, salt and black cumin seeds and oil 2tbspoons Mix well. Cover for 15mins. Then make rounds of 4-5. Roll them into round, cut half portion and make it conical, fix the end, join the cone by adding water, fill them with potato fillings, close them carefully. Take a frying pan, add oil as required to deep fry the samosas, which is yummy . Fry in medium flame , enjoy hot fried samosa or singara (Bengali) with tomato ketchup or tea pr any kind chutney.

Note: if using boiled potatoes cook for short time.

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