Palak Pakora or Palang saag er bora/ Crispy spinach fritters

Spring season has arrived and with that veggies that I grow needs to be harvested. This year I havn’t got time to plant veggies of winter due to family medical issues, but i have shown seeds of baby palak or baby spinach which was left from last year, those seeds were fine as I got ghem from Amazon. Thanks to baba (dad) for taking care of it through the winter as i was not in home for long time. Yesterday I went home and planned to make pakoras next day, so today I made them in musturd oil as for me its tastes even better than refine oil. Home is denitely a bliss, you can relax and eat your favourite meal, can sleep on big beds feeling like queen. Haha… so let me tell you the recipe…its very easy to make….

To start with , let me tell you what will be needed

  1. 4-5 Spoons Besan
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Baking powder
  4. Mustard oil
  5. Chilli
  6. Onions
  7. Spinach around 300gms
  8. Can serve: 4 people
  9. Chilli, turmeric, and coriender powdee
  10. Onion 1 pc or required


Cut the spinach and wash them well, in a separate bowl, take besan , salt , baking powder, chilli & onion ( utand turmeric powdr,ss chilli and jeera powederMix well, add add on the palak, mix finely add water to form a batter. Heat musturd oil, fry till godenbrown and serve hot.


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