Aalo Paratha

Its winter time now and everyone must be craving for delicious paratha, (Flat breads) specially aalo-paratha. I love aalo-paratha. Being a bong we love to have potatoes and its almost exist in many bong recipes. I made this from my own experiment and it turn out to be good. This one is easy to make and its simple less oily. You can munch on these parathas during breakfast, or as snack too.

•First step: Boil potatoes in pressure cooker.

Then keep aside, after it cool down slightly mix the potatoes with onion fi ely chopped, salt, chili and you can add garlic/ginger (optional) and add fresh coriender leaves. Mash it properly make small balls.

For Dough:

Maida for 4 persons 2cups, little oil, one cup atta. Mix them finely and remain it close for 10 mins. Make Medium size balls  from dough, flatten it little, add the stuffing of mashed potatoes, close it properly, roll them round evenly and carefully.

Add vegetable 2 tbsps oil on frying pan, fry both sides. Use vegetable oil or ghee as per requirement. And your hot parathad are ready to serve. Enjoy paratha with chutney sauce or curd.

This is simple recipe, you can also first fry the potatoes before stuffing. Hope you will like it. Please do like and comment and share.



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